Challenging. Engaging. Inspiring.

Challenging. Engaging. Inspiring.

Every teacher at Hamilton has a college degree and the proper credentials to teach in his or her area. The college-preparatory curriculum challenges students and meets all of the state requirements for college entrance and eligibility for the TOPS scholarship. HCS primarily uses materials from Abeka and Bob Jones University providing a
Christ-centered focus to every subject. In the fall of 2016, HCS began distributing Chromebooks to every student in middle and high school. The school provides a classical education for the 21st century!

Our Mission

The goal of Hamilton Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered college-preparatory education in a disciplined environment. The teachers and administrators here at Hamilton want what is best for your children in their academic as well as their spiritual lives.

Our History

Hamilton Christian School was formed in the spring of 1990 with the merger of Glad Tidings Christian Academy and Alleluia Acres Christian Academy. Dr.David Moore, a retired educator of the Louisiana public school system, was named first principal. HCS continues to build upon its rich history to provide excellence in education for Christian families in the Lake area.